There has been a lot in the news recently about the supposedly amazing fat burner called DNP or Dinitrophenol. The medication itself is very old, having been originally used as a fungicide in the US in the 1930s before being discovered to have rather unusual properties in the area of fat metabolism. The drug was used for a few years but the side effects for many people were so horrendous that DNP was banned in 1938.

DNP is available on the internet illegally but you would be well advised to avoid this fat burner as it has caused a number of deaths. Very recently the death of a medicine student at Leeds University was reported. Her cause of death was a mystery until the empty packets of DNP were found at her lodgings.

Doctors in the UK are warning people not to use Dinitrophenol because of the high risk of adverse events but their pleas are going unheeded in many quarters. Apparently the process of fat metabolism causes the body temperature to rise to dangerous levels and users can slip into a coma and die. This one sounds like one to be avoided.