Contrave Reviewed

One of the major candidate treatments for obesity that is yet to be approved in the US and Europe is a drug called Contrave. In this article we consider the history of the research so far, and the potential implications of the latest trial.

To date trials of this treatment have been somewhat inconsistent. The very first trial did not indicate the treatment yielded a sufficient percentage of weight loss to be classed as a treatment for obesity. However, the subsequent (larger) trial met these standards. The largest three trials for this treatment were Phase III clinical trials that were favourably reviewed by the FDA.

In light of this, it is not surprising that the most recent study has been the recipient of much attention, as it is likely that positive results would help it gain approval from FDA and EMA to market Contrave in the US and Europe. The so-called Light study is currently being carried out to ensure that cardiovascular risks related to obese patients are not negatively impacted by the use of Contrave. Although there is limited information regarding the sample and statistical analysis that will be utilised, we do know that the design will be double-blind and will include both treatment groups and placebo groups.

As with any weight loss treatment, the use of Contrave will be recommended alongside a healthy diet and exercise treatment. Given that the current medicinal treatment options for obesity are limited, we are always keen to hear about new potential treatments. We look forward to reading the early results of the trial, which are due to be released in December 2013.